About Us

The only one of its kind in Quebec, Yaldei is a private, not-for-profit early intervention center dedicated to helping children with developmental challenges reach their full potential. Yaldei provides children with the opportunity to learn how to walk, talk, play, attend school and lead productive lives as part of their community.

We know that families and caregivers in Quebec are faced with a constant struggle to find effective services for children with disabilities. Yaldei reduces the stress of that search by offering comprehensive evaluation, therapy and treatment programs for a wide range of developmental challenges all under one roof in a state-of-the-art facility.

To learn more about Yaldei, visit our main website at www.yaldei.org 

Yaldei is dedicated to ensuring that families have access to coordinated, supportive, educational and therapeutic services that are geared not only to the child’s individual needs but also to changing the quality of life for the family.

Help Yaldei Grow!

Founded in 1997, Yaldei has helped hundreds of children go beyond their disabilities and achieve developmental milestones their parents might never have dreamed possible. Annual events like Let’s Roll for Kids are fundamental to Yaldei’s growth and continued success. Our ability to continue offering essential services to children with developmental delays relies on the generosity of donors to contribute $2.2 million on an annual basis.

Let’s Roll for Kids is an opportunity for the community to come together with a common goal: to raise funds that will give children with special needs a place to grow into their full potential.

History of Let’s Roll for Kids

2011                             $9,608

2013                           $76,026

2014                         $107,020

2015                         $167,901

2016                         $196,130

2017                         $235,517


Our goal for the 2018 edition of Let’s Roll for Kids is to raise $350,000 – every dollar donated will help us reach our goal.
Your participation is vital to our success!