Our son Timmy was diagnosed with autism during the pandemic at his 3rd birthday. It was a very difficult time for us to see certain skills regressing, newborn sleep patterns persisting and his global development struggling. Feeling confused, tired and overwhelmed, a friend suggested we contact Yaldei Developmental Center. It was one of the best decisions we have made for our son. Timmy is a very intelligent and energetic boy who loves music, running, bouncing, skating, swimming, discovering and has the cutest smile :)

We cannot say enough about how amazing it has been for Timmy and our family! The professional therapists and educators caring for Timmy are so passionate about their work and they go above and beyond to express their love to the children and help parents acquire tools, feel comfortable and be heard.

Timmy sprints through the doors of Yaldei every morning with a smile (often leaving his shoes behind)! As parents, there is nothing that we want more than to see him strive for his full potential in a safe, happy and uplifting environment. 

Some of Timmy’s current goals include increasing his receptive communication, focus, imitation and social skills. This year has also been especially significant for us as Timmy has authentically developed some friends. Likewise, we are so grateful for the friendships with Yaldei parents. In September, Timmy will transition from the toddler group to the school program. We are so proud of our buddy!

We will be participating in Yaldei’s Bike/Walk-a-thon as a family. We humbly ask you to please contribute what you can towards our fundraising goal. 

Yaldei is a non-profit that is devoted to helping children with special needs reach their full potential. It is the only one of its kind in the province, and all services are under one roof. Yaldei provides these incredible therapies to those whose family cannot afford it. Yaldei is special because they accept all children regardless of their developmental milestones and physical abilities. This is a charity that needs financial support.

Any amount, no matter the size, goes so far towards bolstering Yaldei’s programs and making it an even better center for the kids they serve. On behalf of the hundreds of kids at Yaldei including our Timmy, thank you!



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